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Dr. José Fabregat Sancho – Hyperbaric Medicine HLA Univ.

Our team is made up of qualified professionals who are members of the Professional College of Physiotherapy. We have several specializations and additional personal training in different specialties. C/ DINÁN, nº 9 BAJO – LUGO.

Also known as Clínica TorreSalud, offers numerous specialties to patients in the center of the province of Lugo, some of the specialties that you can find in this clinic are: psychology, urology, gynecology, traumatology … C/ CELSO EMILIO FERREIRO, nº 20 MONFORTE.

In our medical centers we provide care to any patient, offering a wide range of specialties. Our training and the technology available in the clinics allow us to offer a service of the highest quality and at the same time personalized and adapted to the needs of each patient.

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The PCR test allows to detect if a microorganism or pathogen is in our body through the detection of a fragment of its genetic material. By allowing the detection of a fragment of genetic material of the pathogen and being a genetic test, it has a higher reliability.

These detect the presence of antibodies generated by SARS-CoV-2 infection. It detects two types of antibodies: IgM, which is the first of the antibodies generated by the body to fight infection, and IgG, the more abundant and later.

IgM antibodies indicate recent infection and IgG antibodies indicate past infection or a state of immunization. If only IgM is found, there may be an active infection; if only IgG is detected, the acute infection has been overcome. If both are negative, it may indicate that there has been no contact with the virus.

These tests are similar to the rapid tests, they detect antibodies, but in a quantified manner and through analytical equipment with greater precision than the rapid test and allow a more accurate diagnosis.

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El Centro Médico y Dental Turó Park es una clínica médica y dental privada. Como tal, primero tendrá que pagar su consulta y luego presentar la factura correspondiente a su seguro privado.

La mayoría de las compañías de seguros le reembolsarán entre el 80% y el 100% del coste de su tratamiento médico. Acudir a nuestra clínica privada con un seguro privado significa que no tendrá que esperar para ver a un especialista, como suele ocurrir con los servicios sanitarios públicos en España.

En cuanto a la cobertura de la atención dental, el reembolso puede ser parcial, total o nulo. Las compañías de seguros españolas no suelen cubrir los cuidados dentales. Los planes de seguros internacionales o para expatriados (como AXA Optima Plus o DKV MundiSalud) no reembolsan automáticamente los servicios dentales. Le recomendamos que consulte con su proveedor de seguros individual para determinar el importe de su cobertura antes de acudir a su cita con el dentista.

Existen varios tipos de seguros médicos en España. La mayoría de ellos cuentan con una red de médicos y especialistas a los que puede acudir de forma gratuita. Si prefiere acudir a su propio médico, tendrá que contratar una póliza premium.

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966 130 010 / 900 301 013Exit mapEnlarge mapHow to get thereThe Quirónsalud Gran Alacant Medical Center is a high-resolution private health center with a team of expert doctors and the most advanced technology to offer you personalized and preferential care.

The Quirónsalud Gran Alacant Medical Center aims to provide, in the different specialties, comprehensive care of the highest quality, practicing patient-oriented medicine with absolutely personalized attention.

Author: Gustavo Ferrer