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You will attend exclusive classes for students with active teachers who will share their experiences in their classrooms. Our students have already enjoyed masterclasses with Ana Esther Teacher, Daniel Lopez and Rosa Liarte, among others.

An online meeting point in which to share and exchange experiences of teaching innovation, from success stories of great leaders in this area as Cesar Bona, David Calle, Irene Alegria and Francesc Nogales.

You will work on the most advanced active methodologies adapted to all educational stages such as: Flipped Classroom, Flipped Learning, Challenge by Learning, gamification, project-based learning or cooperative learning.

A tour through the main fundamentals of innovation, to build a frame of reference and have the necessary tools to give way to an innovative mind, developing new soft skills and make your own innovative experiences.

Composition of methodologies to develop as a guide and transmitter of knowledge so that the student becomes the protagonist of the learning process. Mastery of techniques and tools for the development of creativity and motivation in the classroom.

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https://www.linkedin.com/in/fjbullejos/ Teaching experience in secondary and higher education (Biology and Environmental Sciences degrees) at the Universities of Granada and Oslo, as well as tutoring and directing undergraduate (Biology) and master (Marine Biology and Limnology) final projects at the University of Oslo. I am currently preparing for the competitive exams for the entrance to the secondary education teaching staff (specialization in the field of…

I have a mother lingua italiana and I have knowledge about the flora and fauna of the Canary Islands from my studies at the ULL and personal interest in nature and environmental issues.

– How to find a Zoology teacher for online / Skype lessons On the platform Find Your Teacher you can find 29 teachers «Zoology». Classes can be held on popular platforms such as Skype, Zoom, Hangouts, Discord and more.Choose the convenient teacher for distance learning with Find Your Teacher! Why do you need a Zoology teacher who teaches at a distance? «Online classes have more advantages than the standard way of studying. Namely:

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The lack of knowledge of the language in the Ertzaintza was also the subject of controversy in the Basque Chamber, where this summer EH Bildu went so far as to demand that the agents present their L2 accreditation – currently L1 is required – before applying for the post.

Fernando knows of other cases of teachers who have suffered pressures, threats and depression for working in Castilian, but he sees them as isolated cases. «The conflict is scarce because the teachers have assimilated that they have to teach in Catalan, whether they like it or not. If they don’t, they know there could be reprisals,» he complains.

As for suing for unfair dismissal, as other colleagues of hers have done, she almost rules it out because if she wins, she will be reinstated under the same conditions, but if she loses, she will be left out of the job pool.

«They don’t require it of us, for the moment, although it gives us the same points as having a thesis and for English they don’t give you anything,» comments Laura, a dermatologist who knows the reality in Elda, where the population speaks an overwhelming majority in Spanish.

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Consejeria de educacion canarias nombramientosContenidosDependencia de educacionResolucion final de la convocatoria de subvenciones para el apoyo y fomento de la participacion juvenil y para la realizacion de proyectos, acciones y actividades dirigidas a la poblacion joven de Gran Canaria -2021.

Ya puedes consultar la resolución definitiva de la convocatoria de subvenciones para el apoyo y fomento de la participación juvenil y para la realización de proyectos, acciones y actividades dirigidas a la población joven de Gran Canaria -2021, convocada por la Consejería de Educación….

Ya puedes consultar la programación de la Concejalía de Juventud del Ayuntamiento de Mogán, subvencionada por la Consejería de Educación y Juventud del Cabildo de Gran Canaria, que se desarrollará en las próximas semanas y cuyo plazo de inscripción finaliza el 20 de abril….

La Consejería de Educación, Universidades, Cultura y Deportes del Gobierno de Canarias da a conocer las bases reguladoras que regirán la convocatoria de becas y ayudas para estudios universitarios durante el curso 2021/2022.&nbsp…Stec canariasEl presidente del Gobierno de Canarias, Ángel Víctor Torres, confirmó este viernes que Blas Trujillo y Manuela Armas, serán los nuevos consejeros de Sanidad y Educación, respectivamente, en sustitución de Julio Pérez y José Antonio Valbuena, que lo hacían de forma interina.

Author: Gustavo Ferrer